Hệ thống Anh Ngữ Á Châu

Hệ thống Anh Ngữ Á Châu

Hệ thống Anh Ngữ Á Châu

Hệ thống Anh Ngữ Á Châu

Hệ thống Anh Ngữ Á Châu
Hệ thống Anh Ngữ Á Châu



  • Master's Degree, or bachelor’s degree in college or university and a solid GPA.
  • Competent in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Experience in working as a manager is a privilege.
  • Ability to connect colleagues and team-work skills is a must.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Have a great interest in studying teaching methods and academic learning course.
  • Problem-solving skills, creative, and able to develop ideas.
  • Qualified to give assessment and monitor teachers’ and students’ performance.
  • Able to encourage and inspire other colleagues to work better.


  • Recommend new learning programs and consult those which are more effective for teachers.
  • Prepare, conduct placement tests, unit tests, mid-term and final tests for students.
  • Observe, evaluate, and monitor Vietnamese and ex-pat teachers’ teaching performance.
  • Plan and carry out internal training.
  • Keep track on and assess students’ learning ability and report their results.
  • Assist and instruct teachers in international-certificate-related matters.
  • Plan ideas and discuss whenever the System decides to adopt a new teaching program or modify a current one.
  • Assist events and extra-curricular activities.
  • Assist the Board of Directors if required.




We are hiring part-time English expatriate teacher.


Hệ Thống Anh Ngữ Á Châu đang tuyển dụng một số vị trí cho công việc tại Hệ Thống.


- 10 Giáo viên tiếng Anh cơ hữu lương tháng 6tr -12tr. - 03 Nhân viên tư vấn / văn phòng lương tháng 4tr-8tr. - 01 Nhân viên kế toán lương tháng 4tr-8tr. - 01 Nhân viên bảo vệ lương tháng 4tr-6tr.


Arrange office work, delegate tasks to make sure every office staff is working effectively. Consult learning courses and offer some ideas for a better practice. Respond and resolve complaints and all matters relevant to customer care. Double-check other staff’s assigned work, offer more instruction, evaluate and monitor their performances. ...


Consulting English courses for parents and students Call for customer care Deal with some basic bookings and office receipts and documents Keep track on and amend class records ...


• Master Degree, or bachelor’s degree in college or university and a solid GPA • Completion of a teacher preparation program or supervised experience like student teaching is a huge advantage • In-depth knowledge of teaching methods and legal educational procedures • Exceptional interpersonal and presentation skills • A clean background check • Be passionate about teaching and willing to help mediocre students develop their language skills • Be able to provide intensive support method, the collaborative curriculum for students and earn ethical teaching practices as well


• Assistance in acquiring a work permit and reimbursement after receiving the work permit and finishing the first one-year employment. • Annual awards for recognition of outstanding teaching performance • Regular training from Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Mac Millan Publishers Ltd, etc. • Additional supplements for IELTS & TOEIC classes • ACE gifts for special occasions.

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