Hệ Thống Anh Ngữ Á CHÂU

Hệ Thống Anh Ngữ Á CHÂU

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Bắt đầu làm bài thi

Vancouver Manufacturing
9102 NW 99* Street, Vancouver Washington 98655
(800)-555-1212 – www.example.com
September 25, 2005

Mr. John Taylor
Director of Operations
ABC corporation
100 E Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98685

Dear Mr. Taylor,
As our new letterhead indicates, we have recently changed the name of our business from Fort Vancouver Manufacturing to Vancouver Manufacturing.
There has been no change in management and we will be providing the same products and fine service in which we have built our reputation in the industry. We would appreciate it if you would bring this annoucement to the attention of your accounts payable department and direct them accordingly.
Thank you for being one of our valued customers. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Al Olsen,
President, Vancouver Manufacturing

Question 1: What is the purpose of this letter?
Question 2: Who is Mr. Taylor?